Could you survive in a bossless organization?


The “bossless office” seems to be a new trend.  Some notable organizations are abolishing top down practices in favor of relying on teams to make critical decisions (i.e. pay raises, hiring and strategic direction just to name a few). Cutthroat behaviors, individual slacking and spotty communication have no place in bossless environments.

Bossless procedures are fascinating but may not be for every organization.  However, bossless values can be applied to all of our lives and careers.  Some bossless values that can be helpful in your own life:

1)  Continuously focus on building and maintaining all relationships:  Don’t just try to get closer to those that seem important.  Recognize the little gals and guys along the way as well.  You never know how and when your paths will cross again.

2)  Recognize and accept others’ strengths and opportunities for improvement:  Everyone is not going to like you or be your best friend.  Developing “bossless” values means transcending beyond like vs. dislike and entering the world of strengths vs. opportunities.

3)  Acknowledge how your decisions impact others:  While very critical, it’s not exclusively about the boss, customer or authority.  Think about how your behavior affects others in your personal life, your organization and on your team.

4)  Appreciate those around you:  Recognize others even when you feel it’s not reciprocated.

5)  Communicate honestly and directly:  Communicate directly while also practicing 1-4.

6)  Freely share your ideas with others:  My last post was about ideas.  Basically, they are just thoughts until they are shared.  Share them.  Cross them off your list.  Share more.

You don’t have to work in bossless office to have a bossless mindset.  Bossless values are needed for a fulfilling life and career.  What do you think about the bossless mindset?

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  1. I think you would really enjoy reading Valve’s handbook for new employees. It describes Valve’s workplace, which is completely decentralized and “bossless.” It is a remarkable little piece of work, and a remarkable organization.

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