Do you really want to be a Type A?

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I was in a conversation at a coffee shop with a former colleague over the weekend.   She was frustrated because she was a self-proclaimed “Type A” and her career was not moving fast enough for her.

The Type A reference instantly propelled me back to my recollections of being a recent college graduate.   In my first job as a receptionist,  my Type A personality was relentless.  I was fiercely unhappy and thought that I was way above answering the phone.  My superiority complex led me to leave the role in 3 months to accept an executive assistant role.  Within 6 months, Plan B quickly failed and so had my Type A personality.  However, the anxiety and power struggle continued.

Fast forward to 2013 and I can say that my Type A label disintegrated several years ago.  I am not sure how or when I had an inadvertent change of heart but a refresher of Type A and B Personality descriptors explained lots.

Type A:  Rigidly organized, status conscious,  impatient, overcommit, often interrupt, obsessed with time.

So, Type As are very obsessive and restless.  Now for Type B:

Type B:  Work hard but steady, enjoy achievement but not stressed when do not achieve, learn from losing, creative, exploratory, reflective.

So, Type B personalities steady but productive.  Type B personalities also will likely gather information before making decisions and may be more likely to think outside the box.  I am sure Type Bs have anxiety but it does not permeate their lives.

The Conclusion:  Have you ever met anyone that you would not call ambitious?  Ambition is a social construct and being a self-proclaimed Type A is not.  So, Type B wins.  What’s more important here though is to remember to consider how others could perceive you before you aspire to be that self-proclaimed uptight person.  

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